I am Mokesmoe.
Twitter: @mokesmoe
Email: timmy.n@hotmail.com
There are some games on itch I don't have here: mokesmoe.itch.io
I make games mostly in Gamemaker. Here they are:

Garden of Bees
I was just growing some plants and bees started showing up? They're pretty helpful though so I'm not complaining.

The Sacred Glyphs
Draw the sacred glyphs. Create a world from nothing.

One Button Metroidvania
Well technically there's seperate buttons to reset and exit the game.

Choose the colours of objects and then try to remember them all.
itch.io page

I can't carry all these ducks
An epic story about the burden of man. (Spoiler: The burden is ducks.) This is the most important game on this site.
itch.io page

TEXT FILE (with old link) GAME FILE

Pos Bach
A small difficult puzzle.
itch.io page

Like a rogue-like but spelled differently. New version released! (Read changelog if you care.)
Download Changelog   Arrows/WASD, Mouse

Colour Worlds Whatever
A PuzzleScript game I made for Ludum Dare 30.
Play online Ludum Dare Page

Laser Match
An actual game made for TOJam 9. A two-player match 3 where you move around a character and also lasers. Go for five in a row for crystals; the record is 25.
itch.io page

Title Screen
A huge mess I made for TOJam 9. Sorta a platformer, but physics took the day off.
itch.io page

Made for Droqen's lame jam thing. Shoot from both sides but don't shoot yourself.
Download   Arrows, Space

A game about exploration 10 seconds at time. For ludum dare 27. The entire map is reachable.

Glide through the sky. Nothing else
Download   Arrows

A megaman-like where your gun evolves based on how you play. For ludum dare 24.
Download   Arrows,Z,X,R

Procedurally generated space shooter. Explore asteroids to find new weapons. Super unfinished.
Download   WASD, Mouse

Sky Pilgrim Z
The Newest hit from Drogensoft®

Fighter 2
A fighting game. Some sprites from @luluisbluetoo and @LandsharkRAWR. Not very finished, especially the bottom two.
Download   Player 1: WASD, G, H;   Player 2: Arrows, P, O; esc

Blind Stealth
A stealth game where you are blind. Navigate by sound and touch.
Download   Arrows

Trans-Dimensional Dash
Racing game that's really just a platformer. The two players are in two different but connected worlds. It started as a racing game but battle mode is much more fun.
TIGforums Thread   Arrows, WASD

Also for the compo. I recommend reading through the thread.
TIGforums Thread   All the keys

Throw a ball. Flies like the ball. Enemies kill you. Enemies dislike flies.
Download   WASD, Mouse

Like a Bad Dream
Made for GPCv10. Platformer? Weird gravity mess.
Download   Arrows, X

Made for GPCv8. Giant mech that shoots lasers and missiles and hates tanks.
Download   Arrows, Z, X, C

Made for GPCv6. Puzzle platformer. Your body conducts electricity.
Download   Arrows

Sunshine Catcher
Made for GPCv4. Catch the sun in a bucket to power a machine. Science.
Download   Arrows

A regular shmup but then physics happened.
Download   Mouse

Dumb Crawwler
Multiplayer Gravity Laser Tanks
Download   Arrows, WASD

Suggestion Game
A bunch of random stuff from things people said.
TIGforums Thread    WASD, Mouse

Bee Shooter
Made for a TIGforums compo. Bee shmup. I take no blame for the graphics.
Download   Arrows, Space

Self explanatory
Download   Mouse

The original. Get beat up by a sandbag. Quarter-circle-forward punch for a projectile.
Download   Arrows, Z, X

Tower Defence
Very bare bones tower defence game.
Download   Mouse

Pack-Man Battle
One of my first games but still one I like. It's a two player versus platformer with default gamemaker sprites where you throw spears at each other and defend from npc enemies around the stage.
Download   Player 1: WASD   Player 2: Arrows

Violet's Game
Drop bombs? I don't know.
Download   Arrows, Z, X

Bomb Jump
My first game. You jump. There are bombs?
Download   Arrows